Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will's 4-Year-Old Bath Pictures

On October 4th (yep, more than three months ago – I told you we were behind), my bright, honest, hard-working, and kind-hearted little boy turned four years old. Up until about two weeks ago, I would have described Will as “the most challenging individual with whom I regularly interact” (that title has recently been passed down to Hallie), possibly because he and I are very similar. Will struggles with change, is emotionally intense, is a strict rule-follower and enforcer, and believes life should be fair. At. All. Times. But because we’ve seen him struggle in certain areas, his recent accomplishments – learning to swim; transitioning from a tricycle to a “big boy” bike; learning (at a very basic level) how to read, write, add, and subtract; and joining his first soccer team – mean so much more. Will loves Sesame Street and the Toy Story movies; ALL super heroes, but especially Buzz Lightyear, Ironman, Spiderman, and Batman; soccer, baseball, football, swimming, and bike riding; mustaches; and playing Wii with Tom.

Better late than never, so here’s to you, little buddy. Happy 4th birthday!

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