Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fall Continues - Pumpkin Patch #2

Back in October (yep, I’m still on October ☺), the teachers at Vineyard Children's Center, Will's preschool and Hallie's daycare, organized a weekend outing to another nearby pumpkin patch for the kids and their families. The afternoon was a blast, so fun in fact, that we couldn’t be bothered to take very many pictures (luckily we have lots of pictures from Will and Hallie's last day at VCC that I'll share in a future post)...

Will and his buddies, and Hallie and her Adeola. Hallie loves that little boy; she said "Adeola" before she said "Mama", and even now she talks about him almost daily.

For the record, I "do" Hallie's hair every day. I have absolutely no idea what's going on with it in these pictures, or most of the time for that matter. Maybe one of these days she'll stop growing new crops of hair that stand straight up on her head.

Thanks for a fun trip to the pumpkin patch - we all had a great time!

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