Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farewell to Vineyard Children's Center

One of our absolute favorite places in Ann Arbor was our church, Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor, and our childcare center, Vineyard Children’s Center (VCC). The kindness and support shown to our entire family by the people affiliated with these organizations were generous and unwavering and so very needed. My only regret is that, despite living less than half a mile away, we didn’t discover Vineyard and VCC until we’d lived in Ann Arbor for four years.

Will started daycare at VCC the first week they were open (he was only 23-months-old), and eventually attended preschool there as well. Hallie met the teachers at VCC on her fourth day of life and attended daycare there starting when she was 13-weeks-old. The teachers at this school are amazing; I never once questioned that they were providing Will and Hallie with the best possible care and education – and a tremendous amount of love – when I couldn’t be with them. And these teachers were there for Tom and me as well, throughout Hallie’s infancy, Tom’s PhD dissertation writing and defense, and our moving preparations. We miss them dearly.

On the last day of school, we dropped Will and Hallie off with our camera and asked their teachers to take a few pictures of the kids with their friends.

Will and his buddies.

Hallie and her Aubrey ("Ahh-BEE") and Rowena ("Wee-wee-WEE-AH").

Hallie's toddler class and Will's preschool class.

The VCC teachers gave us a beautiful scrapbook/photo album chronicling Will and Hallie's time at the Center. Here Hallie is "hugging" a picture of Adeola.

I feel extremely lucky to have found a great preschool for Will, and eventually Hallie, here in College Station. That doesn’t, however, make any of us miss the teachers and kids at VCC any less.

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