Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hallie is naughty without her brother

Will started at his new preschool this week, a place all of us really like so far. Because this school does not take kids until they are 2 years old, Erin has had a new experience of having just Hallie home to care for, without her brother. And she learned some things this week about Hallie. Here is an excerpt from a recent email from Erin:

I have never had any time, with the exception of my maternity leave, alone with Hallie. Because I've really only ever seen Will play by himself or the kids play together (as opposed to Hallie playing on her own), and because Will can sometimes be a little bit of an instigator when he plays with me, I assumed that conflict between the two of them was generally Will's doing. Spending two hours alone with Hallie yesterday, while Will was at school, opened my eyes to a different Hallie, the one who creates conflict where there is none, throws things in the toilet, slams doors, breaks toys, bites, climbs onto and jumps off tables, eats paper, rips books, and spits on the floor. She doesn't behave like that when Will is around; apparently he brings out the best in her and keeps her from killing herself and/or destroying the house.

To put an accent on things, today Hallie screamed at the top of her lungs for "poopies" (cookies) at Target, climbed into and stood in her highchair, and "locked" (meaning she couldn't get out, but I could, when I decided to do so) herself into three different rooms 14 times.

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