Monday, February 2, 2009

big boy bed

Over the last couple weeks, we have put together a room for Will's baby sister, who is coming in a few months. First Grandpa Mike, Grandma Susie and Great-Grandma Aloise came to visit and helped decorate and paint her room (and Will's nose) a nice shade of purple. Grandma Brenda came the following week with a trailerload of HEAVY furniture (Grandma and Grandpa loaded by themselves what took 3 very muscular grad students an hour to unload!!). Included in this furniture was Will's new big boy bed!

Here is his last night in his crib - now it's in baby sister's room.

There was almost no problem transitioning to the big boy bed for Will. I think it was harder on Erin and I! It probably helped that the bed has choo-choos on it, and he also got some new choo-choo themed matching decorations for his room.

He has fallen out of the bed at least once (the first or second night we were awoken in the morning to "THUMP - WAAAAH"). But in general stays tucked in tightly just like this, hugging his lion Roar. He also waits patiently for one of us to get him up in the morning/after naps, often asking us to "read a book in my bed" with him when he wakes up.

Well, he doesn't always stay tucked in...

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