Monday, February 9, 2009

Will and dad play the blastoff song

I think I've mentioned before about how much Will loves this TV show, Little Einsteins. Anyway, he calls the show "Blastoff" because the children fly around in a rocket (named Rocket) that blasts off when they pat their hands on their laps. The themesong (available here 5 times in a row, good thinking on the part of this youtuber who must certainly be the parent of a toddler) is also one of Will's favorite songs, and he requests it every night for his song before going to bed. Erin and I had a really nice song we used to sing - Goodnight Sweetheart - with harmony and everything. It was very special, but he gets mad if we try to sing that one now, insisting on the "Bah-bah song!!!"

Anyway, in a parallel topic, Will has been really into playing guitars since our Christmas trip to Grandma & Grandpa's, when Will got to play Grandpa Paul's guitar with him a lot. I recently restrung my guitar and when it was out it has caught Will's attention and I've been letting him play it if he asks nicely. But he usually wants me to play along with him because I guess he's more into ensemble music. So here we are playing the Blastoff song!

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Carrie said...

hahahah!!! I LOVE it! I'll have to play this again for Cate in the morning, she'll flip when she finds out Tom and Will can play the theme to LE.