Friday, January 30, 2009

potty progress

I alluded to the fact that Will was getting better about going on the potty in a post earlier this week. This week has certainly been one for potty progress. In fact, since President Obama took office, you can sense the winds of change in our house for potty training.

This past week Will has twice peed in the potty at "school" (as we call it now - his daycare). And, the biggest and stinkiest development - he pooped in the toilet. He gets one donut for pees and two for poops. Here he is enjoying a donut after his first potty poop.

We have since gotten rid of the small potty there in the corner because he prefers the seat on the "big boy potty". He of course insists on putting the seat on himself, painstakingly placing the stepstool and climbing on without any help whatsoever. This is like playing with fire because he's usually diaperless, has expressed a need to use the potty, and yet he takes sometimes an entire minute or more to set everything up before finally settling into the seat.

So we hope for more progress in the future, but I'll try not to emphasize every detail too much on the blog site because it is too easy to slip into bathroom humor.

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Erin said...

For the record, Will receives donut holes - not huge donuts - when he pees and poops on the potty!