Monday, February 16, 2009


Will invented this game to get around the fact that he's not allowed to throw balls in the house (neither is daddy). He is allowed to throw Roar - his lion blanket-doll which used to be solely a bedtime comforter but has become a regular plaything (and now we frequently are frantically searching for Roar around the house at bedtime).

So we often play "Roarball" - using Roar as the ball (you also have to roar like a lion at various points in the game). We use mom's dusting wand as a bat. It's funny, Will knows enough about baseball to make sure all the terms are represented - strikes and outs and hits - but I don't think he understands that it's a competitive game. He counts his misses (sike one!) as if they are accomplishments as much as is hitting Roar. Sometimes he and I will argue about a suspected hit, with me telling him I saw him hit Roar and Will insisting it was a strike. This can get frustrating at times because he rarely makes contact, and the theatrics between each "pitch" can make this game go on for a long time - often when mom is waiting for us at the dinner table and we're just trying to get "one more hit". Fortunately, every hit is a homerun so the games always end with heroics.


Will's Grandma Brenda said...

Hey Will, May I play too? Love, Grandma

JSE - Bradley ELH 670 said...

I agree with will, I am not sure he hit the ball. It looked like a foul tip.

Loved the home run dance!