Monday, September 22, 2008

groundskeeper Willie

A couple weeks ago Will and I went to visit mom at work and help out a bit with the annual Red Cross garage sale. They had this lawn mower toy there as part of the sale and Will immediately took to it, pushing it all around the garage. When it came time to leave and for Will to put the lawnmower back where he found it, he was very sad so we decided to steal it. Actually we thought it was a fair trade considering the large number of Will's old toys that were donated to the garage sale.

Anyway, he has been playing with it a lot outside but hadn't had a chance to actually use it to help dad mow the lawn until last week (we didn't get any rain for awhile so no mowing was necessary). So we had a great time mowing together - Will following me at times and mowing a different part of the lawn at times. He was covered in grass when we were finally done.

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