Monday, September 1, 2008

More things that Will says

Erin has been making a list of the words Will says lately, the goal is that he will have 100 words by the time he turns two years old (next month). Pretty sure we're forgetting a few of them, but the list is currently at 52 words, and many of those he has only started saying in the last month. So his vocabulary is accelerating rapidly and could very well reach 100 in a month.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share that list. It's kind of neat to look back 7 months ago and compare with what he can say now.

Will's word list:

Will (pronounced "Whyall" - refers to himself, anything he owns, or anything he wants to be given to him)
Grandpa (pronounced "Rah-rah" or "Bwa-bwa")
Ad ("Aht": Uncle Adam)
Duke (he clearly says "Dook" now instead of "doodoo" or "deekdee")
Otto ("ottott" - the nextdoor neighbor's cat that Will plays with outside a lot)

ow! (says this when he gets hurt or when something isn't going his way)
down ("dowww")
out (if he's somewhere he doesn't want to be, like the carseat or in a grocery cart, he will alternate the words up/down/out over and over until he gets what he wants or is convinced to stay there)
help ("hep dada": help me climb up so I can reach your computer and press buttons, dada)
mine (this one is fun, usually an exclamation: "MINE!")

juice ("dooss")
hotdog ("hotdot!" - invariably, Will's answer if you ask him what he wants to eat)
two (as in "hey Will, you want a cookie?": "doo.")

neck (the body part, also the name given to his stuffed giraffe)

stinky ("dinngky")
yuck/yucky (often accompanies the declaration of something as "stinky")

bat (pronounced almost exactly like butt)
ball (applies to the object and to the sport baseball)
hit (he can say "hit bat" or "hit ball" but not "bat hit ball")
bus ("busss!")
kitty (prounounced "deekdee", formerly the label given to Duke)
this (a common response to the question "Hey Will, what's this?": "thissss!")
car ("gharr!")
guitar (" 'tarr" - this applies to real guitars, Guitar Hero guitars, and a little mini broom we let him use which he plays as a guitar)
motorcycle (he just says "mmm" ok this one is a stretch, but he consistently refers to motorcycles as 'mmms')
bike (he calls them "bump-bumps", because it's his job to yell "bump-bump" when we go over bumps on bike rides)
house (and he can identify "Wyall howwss")
tickle (hard to spell it phonetically, but there's a particular sound he makes as he's trying to tickle my tummy or piggies)

Animal noises:
meow ("maow" - also all cats who are not Duke or Otto - including Clementine - are being called "maows" lately)
baa (this one is really funny, kind of sounds like he's trying to clear his throat)
hiss ("ssss!")
roar ("Rarr!" this is the sound that lions, tigers, and dinosaurs make. It's also the name of his lion that he sleeps with)
eee-eee (monkey noise, with accompanying armpit scratching)
tweet-tweet ("teet-teet")
hoo-hoo (owl noise)
quack-quack ("cuck-cuck")

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