Friday, September 26, 2008

Will eats apples like a big boy

Last weekend we went to Wasem's fruit farm, an orchard 10 miles or so away from us, it was great. A classic Michigan Fall experience. We picked more apples than we will ever be able to eat, but we're trying. In case you've never had the experience, fresh apples off the tree are so delicious, like candy. So Will and I ate a lot when we were at the orchard, and still eating them for almost every meal. He insists on eating them like a big boy - won't really be very interested if you slice them, he likes to eat them like so.

By the way, this is how Will wears sunglasses every time - upside down. Probably because they fit his little Ferris nose better that way.

Joining us for our trip to the orchard was my buddy Neal, and Will's buddy "Nee!". He's one of the few non-grandpa people that Will likes to hang out with. Neal also likes baseball and buses and sometimes Will gets to ride the Neal train (similar to the dad-train, but on Neal's shoulders). Neal's girlfriend Susan also came with us, and we eventually got Will to call her something that sounded like "Sutu".

Here's a short video of Will picking an apple which he chose off the tree.

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