Thursday, June 12, 2008

in da hood

To follow Will's clothing obsessions with pockets, shoes, and hats, he is currently very interested in jackets/shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts that have hoods on them. I think he saw me wearing a hooded sweatshirt one time and discovered that hoods were cool. It has helped that lately we've been getting a lot of rain so Will gets to wear his raincoat a lot, and of course we put the hood up to keep his head dry. But he'll also wear his raincoat around the house so he can wear the hood.

It's gotten to the point where sometimes he'll whine and claw at the back of his neck when he's wearing a shirt that does not have a hood on it. The quick fix there is to put on his Hawkeye jacket (in the picture above), which is always accessible. However sometimes it's not enough for just him to have the hood up. If I'm wearing, for example, my favorite red sweatshirt, and he sees the hood on it - he will insist that it be put up. In fact, he always wants to be the one to pull it up over my head.

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