Wednesday, June 4, 2008

petting zoo: part 2

Continuing the story of our trip to the Domino's Farms petting zoo, we join Will as he encounters some young cows. At first he was a little scared, but mom helped him say hello to the cows - which he did by mooing to them ("muuh muuh").

Then we visited the big piggies and laughed at them because they're stinky:

They had a tractor! We packed a picnic lunch and the picnic tables were right by this antique John Deere. It was difficult for Will to focus on his lunch, so we made several trips to sit on the tractor.

After lunch we went on a hayrack ride, which was a short loop around the farm (also pulled by a tractor). Will was excited to see the ducks again, but we could tell he was getting tired (it was approaching nap time) so he wasn't too enthusiastic about the other animals anymore. Check it out - Erin discovered the trick to keeping his sunglasses and cap on at the same time: strap the sunglasses over the cap. It was a valuable discovery.

It was a great trip, and it should be even more exciting to visit zoos in the future!

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