Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will learns that March Madness is great

In our family, we're not really much for basketball fans outside of cheering for the Hawkeyes, who have needed a bit of cheering lately. However, the annual NCAA tournament (which always starts in late March, hence "March Madness") is a very important family event, with dramatic implications for the balance of power between Will's parents. Erin and I always create tournament brackets (before the tournament starts, we pick the winners of every game from the opening round all the way to the championship game) and enter them in someone's pool (where generally, whoever picks the most games correctly wins a friendly amount of money). Usually, we're both pretty competitive in that pool. But winning the pool isn't as important as the individual contest between Erin and I. Whoever's bracket scores better between the two of us wins the right to choose every aspect of a date night - locale, food, activities - with absolutely no arguments or complaints from the loser. If I had ever lost in the past (haven't, by the way, hahaha), this may have meant I would have had to watch the movie Legally Blond and give foot rubs, which really wouldn't be so bad. But this year Erin has already told me if she wins we'll be watching Disney's High School Musical, and I think I'd rather hammer my toes for an hour and a half than watch that.

Anyway, this heated competition makes each game of the tournament interesting, especially the ones where Erin and I predicted different winners. Will got a chance to get caught up in the excitement last weekend. He parked his new red chair right by the TV so he could watch both the game and mom and dad reacting to it.

He looks like a little man, in his chair with his remote. He just needs a cold beverage and some nachos.

GO, teams on dad's bracket!

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Kristin said...

Erin - GOOD LUCK! HSM3 starts filming at the end of the month!! =D