Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dance the Night Away

The road to Hallie's first dance recital took us on quite the ride, but we survived. And Hallie, she thrived…so much so that we have already signed her up for a month of rotating genres dance lessons in June, a week of dance camp in August, and ballet and tap dance lessons for the 2014-2015 school year.

I wrote about Hallie's year of dance a number of times, so instead of rewriting everything I wrote previously, here are a few links:

~ Dancing Girl
~ Deep Breaths
~ We Survived

I will, however, repost pictures I posted previously because Hallie's just the cutest dancer that ever graced the stage.
Practicing her ballet recital piece during Tom's
department's graduation reception. Yes, people watched.
Trying on their costumes for the first time on picture day.
Pretty girl.
Formal pics with her dance besties.
And silly pics with her dance besties.
Treats with Mama at Starbucks after the recital dress rehearsal.
"Looking up" to stifle her tears during the emotional
pre-recital hair styling and make-up application process.
Pre-recital coloring.
Pre-recital bear hunt.
Pre-recital pic with Mama.
I simply could not love her more.
The only pic I took during the recital. I wanted to be completely
in the moment, watching her and smiling at her and taking her
all in (instead of worrying about photos) while she danced.
And last but not least, here are the videos I took of her dances during the dress rehearsal. She's in the middle in the front row at the beginning of the ballet piece (though it looks like she's third from the left because of the angle at which I was shooting) and in the middle in the front row for the entire tap piece.

Stay tuned for videos of Hallie teaching her recital pieces to her cousin and her brother...

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