Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dancing Girl

Just like when Will expressed an interest in karate lessons, I procrastinated when Hallie expressed an interest in dance lessons. I procrastinated when it came to karate because 1) karate is terribly expensive, and 2) I was (and still am) very unfamiliar with the sport. But when Will's fascination with karate lasted for six months, I caved and signed him up. Now here we are, nine months later, and Will's still going strong on the karate mat. He loves his class, and will graduate to a camo belt at the next graduation in December. (Bring on the sparring!)

When it came to dance, my karate issues didn't apply - I wasn't nearly as worried about the expense and I'm already somewhat familiar having taken dance as a little girl myself. (I shocked Hallie right out of her mind when I told her I already knew how to do a plie in first position.) I procrastinated when it came to dance because I don't like the culture. I'm not necessarily referring to Dance Moms (have you seen that show?! Those are some crazy ladies. Thankfully the moms with whom I converse during Hallie's dance lessons are nothing like that), but to the focus on how you look and what you wear. The focus on costumes and make-up and hair and perfection.

But just like with Will and karate, when six months had passed and Hallie still asked daily about taking dance lessons, I signed her up. So far (we're only a month in) she loves it, and I've seen very little of the culture I feared. We've yet to experience a recital though, and I worry that when performances roll around, that focus on turning four-year-olds into teenagers will rear its ugly head.

In the meantime, however, I will enjoy watching my little "dancer girl" (she refuses to call dancers ballerinas) twirl and plie to her heart's content.
Pretty dancer girl.
Lots of little dancer girls waiting for their lessons to start.
Walking with pointed toes?
Listening to instructions (Hallie's in the far row, second from the front).
My new motto.

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