Tuesday, June 17, 2014


A few weeks ago Will went to his friend Aiden's birthday party. The boys started out playing a few rounds of laser tag (which Will loved) and arcade games, and on the way back to Aiden's house for pizza and cake the crew stopped at a local park for a game of flag football.

Will met Aiden through Little League, and this past season Aiden's dad - John - was Will's (fantastic, fabulous, stellar - I can't say enough good things about him) baseball coach. At the birthday party, John was Will's flag football coach as well. 

When I picked Will up from the party I asked John and his wife, my friend Brittany, if Will had behaved himself. John replied that, more often than not, his parenting voice and his coaching voice are one in the same…Will knew that voice well, and therefore had no trouble keeping himself in line for his coach.  

Brittany captured these pics for me - I love seeing my boy in action.
Talking plays.
(Look at the muscles in his shoulder/arm.)
The boy loves all sports, the boy loves his friends, and he LOVES when the two combine.
The party boys.

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