Thursday, April 26, 2012


Recording Hallie's April song brought about another video series instead of just a single video. I encourage you to watch them in order, as together they'll give you a good laugh.

At the end of every day Hallie looks just like she does in this video - leotard (instead of whatever cute dress in which she started the day), messy hair, grubby face.

In video #1, Hallie decides to stop singing in order to better focus on picking the "boogies" out of her nose, and then she's somehow distracted by Princess Leia to the point that she can't focus on the month of April any longer. I probably shouldn't post this, but it's just so Hallie.

In video #2, Hallie's concentration and confidence are thrown off when she burps midway through the song.

And in video #3, I made the mistake of asking Hallie to smile while she sang. So while she finally gets through the song, she looks a little creepy from beginning to end.

And the words, in case you can't understand them through all the nose picking, burping, and maniacal smiling, are:

It is April, it is April
Grass turn green, grass turns green
Rain will help the flowers, rain will help the flowers
Buds in bloom, buds in bloom

It's December
It's November
It's October
It's September

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