Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day of School

All four members of my family were excited about heading back to school (though I wasn't heading back to school myself, I was pretty excited about everyone else doing so and about the four of us getting back into our school-year routine), but Hallie was beside herself with glee in the days, hours, and minutes leading up to her first real school day. She was up bright and early that morning, and was all smiles throughout breakfast.

I tried to take a picture of the three of them before we headed out the door, but after five minutes and 40 attempts in triple digit heat (at 8:30am), I called it quits and accepted that these photos were the best I could do.

When we got to Hallie's classroom she strutted in, said "hi Miss Holly, hi Miss Andwea" to her teachers; and parked herself on her spot on the carpet. I had to beg for a hug and kiss, and after I took this picture she told me I could leave. I'm incredibly proud that Hallie is as independent and confident as she is, but she's two, people - how about missing mommy just a little, Hallie...

One of the goals for the four-year-olds in Will's class is for them to become as independent as possible in preparation for kindergarten. To this end, parents are asked to walk their children to the door of the classroom, but to say goodbye at the door (we don't go into the classroom) and allow the children to handle signing themselves in, hanging up their backpacks, putting away their water bottles and lunch boxes, and getting to work all on their own. Will cowered a little at the classroom door on the first day, but has done well since then - it helps that his best buddy Logan and gal pal Kennedy are in his class.

Tom's class/semester is going well so far. His department (Industrial and Systems Engineering) moved into their new building over the summer, so he now splits his time between a very nice office and a tricked out lab. Tom has three students - two graduate students and one undergraduate student - working for him, and has a group of solid graduate students taking his class, Special Topics in Cognitive Ergonomics.

As I mentioned, Hallie loves school. Here she is singing one of the new songs she's already learned - I LOVE it. (In case you can't tell, the lyrics are, "It's September, School is here, we are making new friends, fall is near.") Please excuse her husky voice (allergies) and messy face (spaghetti).

Reminds me a little of this video, filmed when Will was exactly the same age as Hallie is now. (The lyrics are, "I'm a little shamrock, look at me. These are my green leaves, one, two, three. ??? it's time to say, Have a happy St. Patrick's Day.")

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kaitlyn said...

Oh yay, I taught Will that Shamrock song! And the missing lyrics are "when I'm out you know"