Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not to Be Outdone

Will has a tough time whenever Hallie has or is part of a fun experience either on her own - or with me and/or Tom - but without him. Every month, when it comes time for me to film Hallie singing the current month-of-the-year song, Will begs to sing with her. I let him sing along ONCE, when Hallie had a rough time getting started, but otherwise I've decided that the monthly singing performances are Hallie's gig.

A couple of weeks ago, in order to keep Will from photo bombing Hallie's "March" performance, I told him I'd film him singing a song of his choosing as soon as I finished filming Hallie. He chose "Who is the King of the Jungle", a catchy little number they sing during Chapel at school, and fittingly gave his performance wearing his jungle/rain forest safari hat.

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Jenna Christine said...

And just as fittingly, he wore is 'WIENER' t-shirt. I loved it. Great job, Will!