Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun at Preschool

I've written frequently about Will and Hallie's preschool, and how thankful I am that we found such an incredible learning environment for them when we moved to College Station. Not a day passes that I don't see both Will and Hallie growing and learning and loving school.

I've also written frequently about Hallie's teachers - Holly and Andrea - and how wonderful I think they both are.  Together they create the PERFECT environment for Hallie, and she has absolutely thrived as a result of their love and support and patience.

Just like Holly and Andrea "get" Hallie, Will's teachers - Nancy and Fran - "get" him.  They have kindly and patiently helped Will maximize his five-year-old academic and social potential and make the absolute most of his last preschool year.  I almost chuckle to myself when I think about how different Will and Hallie's classrooms are (I attribute this in part to the ages of the children but in part to the teachers and their teaching styles), but since Will and Hallie are completely different from one another, everyone is happy where they are.

Will's been especially excited about the happenings at school recently.

We've been to Pizza, Pie, and Parents (their Mothers and Fathers Day celebratory luncheon):

Goofy boys.
Waiting to perform their Family Song for all of the parents.

And the kids loved their three-week rain forest unit:

This photo doesn't do the classroom decorations
justice - they were incredible!
Once again, goofy boys!
Will's class also hunted for Easter eggs (pictures to come in our Easter post), and now he's looking forward to lots of fun end of the year activities as well.  I can't believe he's almost done with preschool and will be off to kindergarten in the fall!

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