Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playdate or Babysitting or What if We Had Four Kids?

Friends of ours, who have kids the same ages as Will and Hallie, ran into a childcare challenge a couple of weeks ago, and to help them out I agreed to watch their boys for a few hours.

Reid and Owen arrived at 7:30am, which threw our kids for a loop because they don’t usually get up until between 7:30am and 7:45am. (Actually it threw Tom and me for a loop too – Tom answered the door barely awake and in his jammies only after I yelled to him from the shower that the doorbell was ringing. We’re not early risers, at least by people-with-kids standards). After enjoying donuts – a treat from Reid and Owen – for breakfast, the four kids got out, briefly played with, and then left out every single toy we own. I quickly gave up on trying to control/contain the mess and resigned myself to an upcoming naptime spent putting everything back in its place. (I have our kids really well trained to pick up one category of toy before moving on to the next, but all that training went out the window when two additional kids were thrown into the mix.)

When I couldn’t take the chaos of four kids in our relatively small house any longer, I packed everyone up and we walked the ¼ mile to the playground.

Working on his golf swing.

Reid, Owen, and Hallie were fascinated with the potato bugs on the sidewalk. Will tried to look interested, but I could tell he was actually very scared. Poor buddy is VERY afraid of bugs, spiders, ants, etc.

After the playground we had macaroni and cheese (Will had macaroni and “Will butter”), strawberries, and rice crispy treats for lunch and played with bubbles and swords in the backyard.

Reid and Owen went home at 1:30pm, six hours after they’d arrived. Despite the fact that they were well-behaved and all four kids had a great time, the minute they left I emailed Tom to let him know that two kids was plenty for me. Whew.

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