Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Future Accountant?

My dad and my “Uncle” (camping family uncle) Jim both count to three on their fingers in the same funny way. When we discovered their finger counting method years ago we attributed it to the fact that they’re both accountants, and that accountants are sometimes kind of weird about numbers. (I mean no disrespect, all you accountants out there. You’re weird in a good way, and I’m grateful for you and your love of the numbers because it means I don’t have to do my own taxes.)

Well, it seems Will is a little weird about numbers too – perhaps we have a budding accountant on our hands. This one’s for you, Grandpa Paul!

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emt said...

I don't know if discovering your awesome blogs is a good thing.....it just makes me miss you all more. AND it makes me feel like I'm failing as a mom!
Such great photos and writing. :) I'm glad there are two blogs to catch up with.