Monday, April 18, 2011

Hallie's 2nd Birthday

The birthday girl's day started with a banana for breakfast (I couldn't convince her that pancakes would be more fun), and then we moved on to opening presents. Hallie doesn't care much for ripping the paper off of wrapped presents but delights in finding out what's inside each box and bag. Will, on the other hand, is much more interested in the act of tearing away the ribbons and bows and paper. So that's why Will ended up unwrapping all of Hallie's presents.

Though she didn't open many of them...

...Hallie loved all of her presents, especially her bracelet, Minnie Mouse ears, Chinese pajamas, four pairs of shoes, and beanbag chair.

Will enjoyed celebrating his half birthday, but had a tough time when his half birthday presents ran out and the celebration for Hallie went on.

Hallie loves Minnie Mouse. Everyone who has spent even a few minutes with her knows this, from family members and friends to the manager of my gym and the barista at the Starbucks in Kroger. When it came time to select Hallie’s birthday theme, Will first suggested Transformers; after I reminded him that Hallie’s birthday should actually be about Hallie and what she likes, he suggested Minnie Mouse. So that’s how we ended up with a Minnie Mouse ensemble and a Minnie Mouse cake.

Hallie loved her Minnie Mouse ensemble...

...and her Minnie Mouse cake.

She wasn't quite sure what to make of the candles, however. Thankfully her big brother knew what to do.

About a month before her 2nd birthday I started asking Hallie what she’d like to do to celebrate her special day. Every. Single. Time. Her answer was “DeeDeeDondals!!” (McDonalds). So that’s how we ended up having lunch and playing on the indoor playground at McDonalds.

Hallie talks to inanimate objects as if they're her close personal friends - she says hello and good-bye to the shopping carts at Target, the book shelves at the library, and the flower beds at the gym. Her best inanimate object friend, however, is the playground. When we drive by the playground on the way to Will's school she says "Good morning Playground! See you tonight!". When we arrive at the playground to play she yells "Hi Playground! I here to play!" When we leave the playground she waves and wistfully calls "Bye bye Playground! See you soon!". So that's why we ended up at the playground.

It's My Party... Right after we arrived at the playground Hallie spilled a full glass of water down her shirt. This upset her greatly because she DID NOT want to wear a wet shirt but also DID NOT want to play in only her diaper. After quite a few tears we solved this dilemma by turning her too-big skirt into a dress.

Hallie loves to just hang from this piece of playground equipment and watch the kids around her.

"MOM! Dad got my soccer ball stuck in the basketball net!"

Eventually the skirt-dress became just a skirt again.

And then Hallie showed off her newest skill - running very fast away from me.

It doesn't matter how fast or how often you run, Hallie Claire - I'll always catch you and wrap you in my arms.


Grandma Brenda said...

what a sweet birthday!

Grandma Brenda said...

What a sweet birthday!

Michael said...

What a beautiful birthday girl!
(and a handsome half-birthday boy).
G-pa MPF

Farm-Raised said...

I love the cake and the skirt turned dress!! She is too much!!!