Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piddy Toes

I’ve been painting Will’s toenails – at his request – since he was about 18 months old. He of course had no idea that painted nails are generally a “girl thing”, and because he truly enjoyed picking out pretty colors of polish and chatting with his mama while the polish dried, I wasn’t about to tell him otherwise.

Will’s a “big boy” now though, and as he told me recently, “big boys don’t need their toenails painted”. Broke my heart a little.

So I turned to my baby girl, who in the past has never taken me up on my offers to paint her toenails, and asked her once again if she’d like to pick out a polish for her pretty little toes. And for the first time, she said yes. Actually she said “YES, Mama! Haa-yee (Hallie) need piddy (pretty) toes!”.

I gleefully painted her toenails…and then I painted Will’s toenails as well, because as it turns out, big brothers would rather have painted toenails than watch their little sisters have fun doing something – anything – they’re not doing. The feet in the Ferris house have never looked so good.

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