Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Visitors

A couple of weeks ago Tom’s grandparents (Grandpa Keith and Grandma Carol) came to visit us for the weekend. They were on a bit of a cross-country tour, and were kind enough to include a stop in College Station on their route to San Antonio.

Hallie convinced both Grandma and Grandpa to read Counting Colors to her many times. (Notice Minnie Mouse clutched tightly in her little hand - she loves that little doll SO much.)

Our big outing was to the George H. W. Bush Presidential Museum. Tom and I had been there before, but had been forced to leave before we were ready because the museum closed. Tom was particularly excited about seeing what he’d missed the first time around, so while the boys (Grandpa, Tom, and Will) actually toured the museum, the girls (Grandma, me, and Hallie) played in the museum’s children’s reading room.

When the kids had had enough of the museum (they lasted considerably longer than I thought they would though), Grandma and I took them outside to visit the pond and the Barbara Bush rose garden.

I think these two pictures capture the kids' personalities perfectly. Will is introverted, introspective, organized, and neat; Hallie is extroverted, loud, wild, and messy (her dirty feet made both Will and me cringe). What a pair!

I have a new camera, and based on the kids’ reactions to me asking “Will and Hallie, can you smile for the camera?”, I think it’s safe to assume they’re pretty tired of having their pictures taken.

Come visit anytime, Grandma and Grandpa!


Farm-Raised said...

Great pictures! I love the side by side of Will and Hallie! Will looks like he could provide security at the museum!

Sara Ekena said...

love the last photo - made me laugh out loud alone in my classroom this morning!