Wednesday, July 1, 2009

work hard, play hard

At the end of the week when we were visiting in Madison, we held the annual family garage sale. It was quite a bit of work, although I can't claim I did nearly as much as everyone else, including Will, who brought in customers by playing various kick-the-ball/hit-things-with-bats games all over the front yard. Actually, once everything was set up it wasn't too much work, so there was a lot of outdoor relaxing. This gave Will a chance to play Grandpa's mandolin, or as he calls it, the "baby 'tar [guitar]".

Hallie also did her part to bring in customers, rocking in Don Bouncy and serving Grandma cold drinks.

Will's friend Connor, who is a year younger than Will, frequently visits his Grandma Mary Jo down the street. He is a very sweet little boy who shares his toys with Will whenever we come to town. I have no idea how the picture on the left came to be, but I am convinced it was posed. Anyway, these boys play very nicely together.

Here Will's lifting some weights, tossing up a couple of buses. He loves this bus - got a new one as a present from Conor which he got to take home, in addition to the old one that Grandma lets him play with when he visits. Two are much better than one.

Of course, a trip to Madison isn't complete without a walk to the zoo. After the garage sale was packed up we had lots more time to play, so we made a few trips. Will loves it there.

CHECK OUT THE TIGER!!! Grandpa and I met up with Grandma, Erin, Will, and Hallie at the zoo one afternoon right when the Tiger was hanging out this close to the viewing pane. He kept walking back and forth, and you could tell even though Will was extremely excited, he was pretty scared and stayed back from the glass several feet, kind of crouched as if he was trying to hide.

These three boys had a great time at the zoo!

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