Thursday, July 30, 2009


Will has a thing with motorcycles, which he pronounces "mocacycle" always with an excited/ominous tone, and usually with an accompanying fist pump. He always has been interested in them, even when he was too little to pronounce anything remotely close to the name, and so instead just called them "mmm's". He always points them out when he sees them on the road, and usually wants us to race on motorcycles when he and I play Mario Race on the Wii.

When we were visiting Grandma & Grandpa in Madison, their friend and neighbor rode his sweet Harley over so Will could check it out. This is a really nice mocacycle, polished and loud and very manly.

The other day, out of the blue, Will told me: "someday when I'n a daddy and you a daddy we get some MOCACYCALS! and have a RACE."
Sounds good to me but we'll have to ask the mommies first. And we'll have to wear helmets.

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BabyHawes2008 said...

Steven may be getting a mocacycle in the near future. Will would be welcome to look at it anytime he likes! :)