Saturday, July 11, 2009


Erin here, guest-blogging for Tom...

Will and I made cupcakes yesterday morning so that I'd have something to contribute should Will, Hallie, and I decide to venture out to Mike and Sandra’s (AmeriCorps members who spent the last 10 months volunteering at the Red Cross) going-away party yesterday afternoon.  We frosted the cupcakes in pink and green and put pretty star-shaped sprinkles on them, and then as we were finishing up Hallie woke and decided she was ready for her lunch.  Will was already climbing down from his chair and wasn't too messy from the cupcake project, so I headed upstairs carrying Hallie and with Will close behind.  As it turns out, Will wasn’t close behind me, and when he finally came upstairs a few minutes later he had frosting all over his face.  I asked Will how the frosting got on his face and he said "I eat a yiddle bite of cupcake."  When I went downstairs after feeding Hallie I discovered that Will hadn’t just eaten a “yiddle” bite of cupcake – he had taken ONE bite out of EVERY SINGLE CUPCAKE he could reach.

In case someone reading this blog was also at Mike and Sandra's party, please don't worry - I only brought the few cupcakes Will didn't sample to the party. :) 


Will's Grandma Brenda said...

Better Will than the cats!

jeff.ekena said...

sounds like will Will will have a nice job in quality control some day!

Farm-Raised said...

This is great! And Hallie is just so cute!!! I love reading about/seeing pictures of your children!