Monday, July 20, 2009

What Did You Say?

Erin here, guest-blogging again - if this keeps up I suppose I'll have to stop calling myself a guest-blogger!

Will has said a number of interesting/funny things recently, and because it will help me remember them for years to come, I'm going to document what he's said here.  Enjoy!

Recently Will received a teeny, tiny pitcher and cup set (kind of like a tea set, except made out of tupperware) from Grandma.  He's a huge fan, especially because he's allowed to pour water from the pitcher to the cups - by himself - when we're outside.  When we're inside, however, pouring is my job as Will's really not very good at determining when the cups are full.  While playing with the set at the kitchen table, Will looked up and asked me, "Can I pour all by my big boy self when I a momma?"  

Lately Tom and I have been giving Will our all of our pennies and some of our spare change for him to save in his piggy bank.  He LOVES his piggy bank and LOVES putting money into it.  Occasionally he'll even ask me, out of the blue, if he can have some monies for his bank.  (He has no idea, however, what money is for or that money could come back out of the piggy bank - I think we'll leave well enough alone for now. :))  A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Will about how Hallie will eventually be able to sit up, crawl, walk, etc.  I finished by saying, "Get ready Will, because someday Hallie will give you a run for your money!"  He face fell, and with a quiver in his voice he said, "Hallie no take my monies, Momma."  Too sweet.

For those of you who have ever visited our house, you know that we spend a good portion of every day trying to keep our cats from escaping and then chasing them around the neighborhood once they have successfully escaped.  It's very frustrating, to say the least.  We've trained Will to shut the backdoor immediately after he goes in or out - to keep the cats in - and he's so good at this that last week he actually knocked me down the porch steps when he closed the door in my face.  A few days ago, while Tom was working and Hallie was sleeping, Duke escaped as Will and I were coming back inside after a short game of baseball in the front yard.  I was coaxing Duke out from under the car with treats when Will offered me a long stick and said, "You whomp Duke wiff dis (stick) yike Daddy?" (Translation: "You whomp Duke with this [stick] like Daddy?")  Poor Duke.  

For the record, I told Will 1) he could pour water from the pitcher to the cups when he was a Daddy, 2) that Hallie would not take his money, and 3) that Tom has never "whomped" Duke or Clemmy with a stick.

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chandi said...

thanks for the morning laugh!!
this is too cute.