Monday, June 29, 2009

firetrucks and fun

Over the past year, Will's interest in large vehicles has shifted from buses to firetrucks - the bigger and redder, the better. This is evident in his treasured firetruck Easter basket (which has a working siren, awesome), and his rainy day getup. Shortly before Hallie was born, we went to the Michigan Firehouse museum where there were many cool trucks and fireman equipment. Then shortly after she was born, Erin took Hallie and Will to a local event called "Touch a Truck" where they had firetrucks that kids could climb on/in. Unfortunately every other child in the Ann Arbor area also likes firetrucks so they literally waited in line for an hour to get a turn with the truck. That didn't go over so well with little Hallie so they were not able to stay at the event as long as Will would have liked, I'm sure.

Anyway, one day a friend of ours saw Will's sweet firetruck rain boots when he wore them on a rainy day walk to church. Her husband was a fireman and she was organizing an event in nearby Belleville that was very similar to Touch a Truck. The day before we left for our vacation, we went to this event, and this time Will got to do lots more with all the vehicles.

Besides firetrucks they also had an ambulance and a POLICE MOCACYCAL!


Finally, Will got to shoot a firehose! what fun.

Then when we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Madison, Grandma Brenda took Will on a special visit to the nearby firestation. There firemen Will and Jeff (there were several of them with each of those names apparently, much to my son's excitement) each helped him on teh firetruck and gave him a fun coloring book.

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