Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas '08

We had a great Christmas! Santa came!

We got to visit Grandpa Paul and Grandma Brenda for a couple weeks. During that time we also got to hang out with Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff, and Erin's aunts, uncles and cousins - the Cains, Braatens, and Muellers. We had a wonderful time with all of them.

Will got lots of great presents which he loves. Since singing is his new thing, this boombox-with-microphone toy from Will's Great-Grandparents Keith and Carol was an immediate hit. His favorite song to sing along to is "London Bridge". It's fun to mess with him by singing the wrong words ("London Bridge is falling UP!"), he gets so mad.

Also visible in the pictures above is the sponge-ball that goes with Will's new Spongebob baseball glove - a gift from Uncle Adam and Aunt Chandi. Pretty much the perfect combination of some of Will's favorite themes, a great present.

There were two things that Will was hoping Santa would bring him for Christmas: Elmo slippers and a choo-choo. He was especially good so he could get these things (I mean it - he really was a very good boy, especially when we reminded him about Santa). We took some videos of Will coming down the stairs to see what Santa left him (to be posted soon) - he got the Elmo slippers he wanted, but where was the choo-choo?

Well, he got big-boy underwear with choo-choos on them. But he can't wear them until he goes pee in the potty regularly (it's been awhile since his last successful potty pee-pee). But because it was Christmas, we let him wear them over his jammies for awhile. And on his head.

Will and I got matching boxers with doggies on them, cool! Fun fact: in these pictures Will's butt is covered by a diaper, a onesie, jammy pants, all three pairs of new choo-choo underwear, then the doggy boxers.

Will DID get a choo-choo! Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sara got him this Thomas the Train tent - he LOVES it. Not only can he get in it and drive around, but he likes taking "naps" in it with his new sleeping bag which has bugs on it. He also insisted that others join him in the choo-choo. It was quite difficult for Grandpa and myself to get in there with him. The pictures below show Uncle Jeff's turn hanging out in the choo-choo with Will.

The picture on the right is one of my new favorites. Makes me laugh every time.

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