Friday, October 31, 2008

duck what?

Let's not dumb it down - sometimes dad's a little gassy in the morning. Yesterday I happened to be a little extra noisy as I was getting ready for the day. Erin was getting Will up and changing his diaper when I passed a particularly loud one from the bathroom, and I guess it sounded kind of like a duck's "quack".

So having heard this, Will exclaimed "DUCK!"
Erin laughed and explained that the noise was actually daddy's butt (Will knows what butts are).
So then he laughed too, and then corrected Erin: "duck butt!"

We thought the joke was over after that - all of us had a good laugh, but this isn't the kind of thing we want him laughing about at daycare. But later that night I was helping him wash his hands - which involves laying him on his stomach on our bathroom counter so he can get both hands under the faucet - when Will let out a little toot.
He got this huge grin on his face, turned to look up at me, and told me: "DUCK butt!" hahahahaha! It was hilarious. I couldn't help but laugh with him for awhile, so I'm afraid that this has reinforced the joke and he will inevitably say this phrase somewhere inappropriate.

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