Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As you may have gathered from the most recent blog post, Will had his second birthday on Saturday. He knew it was his party and had a great time - two grandpas came to visit (and also two grandmas), he got some new clothes, books, and toys, and a choo-choo cake. I guess it was much like his first birthday, only with more running around (he couldn't yet walk last year), laughing, and fun.

After his birthday breakfast, which included TWO bananas, Will went to his first swim lesson. It went well. Then we went to our favorite fruit orchard to get donuts (Will got to eat two), more apples and pumpkins for Halloween. Check out Will's new orange and brown sweater that Grandma Susan made him!

When we got home Will played a bit with his grandpas and his new 3-foot basketball hoop I got him (he calls it "huup [hoop] ball"). We had tuckered him out pretty good so he took a really good nap. After nap we opened presents!

Will got all kinds of fun and heartfelt presents, thanks very much to everyone who sent something - he was excited about everything. He also shared his presents very well, with Duke (who mostly liked the wrapping paper and decorations) and with the neighbor kids (who came over to play with Will, his grandpas, and his new tee-ball game).

We had spaghetti, one of Will's favorites, for dinner. And afterward, a choo-choo cake, which Will had a fun time sharing with his grandpas.


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