Friday, October 24, 2008

watching the Hawkee-guys and playing with Cate

Last weekend we went to visit Will's girlfriend Cate, daughter of Carrie & Jason, outside of Chicago. We have been visiting every couple months or so and Will and Cate seem to really like seeing each other and get along really well. This time we also met our friends Jon & Bri and Kristin & Mike as well, and enjoyed watching our Iowa Hawkeyes whoop up on Wisconsin (sorry Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Paul). Throughout the trip, Will announced to everyone that his favorite football team was the "Hawkee-guys". See his sweet Hawkeye bomber jacket in the picture below, where he and Cate are enjoying the tailgating food.

Since our last visit, Cate has a new baby sister, Claire. Will got lots of opportunities to play with Baby Claire - really liked holding her and tickling her tummy - and we reminded him he was going to get his own baby brother or sister soon. Won't that be fun?

Will got some nice presents from our friends for his birthday. Cate gave him a "Rocket" toy from Little Einsteins - his favorite tv show. Cate had the same toy and they played with them together a lot, including in the bath! Also Kristin & Mike remembered that Will likes choo-choos and got him a sweet Thomas the Train outfit, which we'll include in the Halloween collection to be worn next week.

They also got him a Thomas toy set, so Will and Cate set up the track and pushed the choo-choos around on it, good times.

Cate was once again a very sweet host and willingly shared all of her toys with Will. But this time Will was much more able to play with her I think - it was great because we didn't really have to worry about watching the kids all the time - they entertained themselves. There was a lot of running around in circles chasing each other, but a lot of other game playing which was very cute.

Cate was also nice enough to share her bath toys with Will.

One of the games they played a lot on the morning we had to leave was hide-and-seek. Except both of them kept hiding in the same place - behind the curtain. After they hid and found each other for awhile, the game became that I had to find both of them. I captured a video of this game in action - I'll post soon.

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