Saturday, June 2, 2007

Will's new chariot

Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Paul got Will an early birthday present so he could go on bike rides with mom and dad. This vehicle, made by Chariot Carriers, is really a very cool thing. Not only does it attach to my bicycle as a pull-behind cart, but it can also very easily convert to a comfortable jogging- or regular-stroller. Here we're trying it out for the first time. Will was really liking it and it appeared that we could have some fun rides with it in the near future...

...until we got him his helmet. We had to go to a couple places looking for one because it seems to be the season for infant helmets so they're hard to find. Good thing Will has a large coconut like his dad so the toddler helmet fits him ok. Not that he liked it any better.

So we went for a short ride around the neighborhood - once we got going he wasn't so upset about wearing his helmet. Here he's recovering after we got home and finally took the helmet off.

Here you can see the chariot transformed into the stroller. We went for a long walk this afternoon, and let Will hold his helmet so he would get used to it. Another cool thing about this stroller is that Will can have some toys with him and there's enough of a recessed, enclosed area that there's little chance that he'll be able to throw things out onto the ground.

We'll try another bike ride very soon!

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