Thursday, May 31, 2007

Three quickie videos

Hey everyone, well we had to take a hiatus from bloggin' for a little while because I was on vacation, camping in Iowa all last weekend. So to make up for lost time, here are 3 quickies. Enjoy - more to come soon!


Will's first and only word so far has been "dada". Actually, we're pretty sure he's not really intentionally speaking, but his signature noise so far is "dadadadada..." So you can hear for yourself. On another note, he had a really good time playing with Erin's shoes today.

Bed time

These first two videos were shot tonight while we were killing time before bath/bedtime. When he was done saying 'dadada' he started to break down and whine - you can tell he's tired when he starts making noises like this.

Don't eat me!

I took this video a little while ago but it had to sit on my camera until I downloaded everything to the computer. Here I was trying to capture him making noises on camera, but I have to hide the camera because as soon as he sees it he clams up. Or, as I discovered in this case, just like anything else that's small and expensive (or more accurately, just like ANYTHING), if it's within Will's reach he will grab it and put it directly in his mouth.

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