Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Will's First Fight

Today Will and I (mom here, writing my first blog entry) went to our monthly moms and babies group at St. Joseph Hospital here in Ann Arbor. One of Will’s friends, 10-month-old Owen, who we get together with each week for a walk or cup of coffee, was also there. Will and Owen were sitting on the floor, checking each other out, when both noticed the other had a pacifier in his mouth. Of course, each decided he wanted the other baby’s pacifier instead of his own. (Will decides he is entitled to whatever anyone else is using at least 25 times each day. In the mind of Will: “mom’s cell phone = mine, dad’s water glass = mine, remote control = mine.”) Will’s pacifier proved tough for Owen to grab, but Owen’s pacifier was more accessible as it had a ribbon on it, clipping it to Owen’s shirt. Will instigated the confrontation as he grabbed the ribbon and pulled the pacifier right out of a surprised Owen’s mouth. Owen frowned slightly, obviously troubled that he was now without his pacifier, and proceeded to confiscate Will’s toy dinosaur and swing the dinosaur at Will’s head. At this point Owen’s mom Jill and I stopped laughing long enough to block the swinging dinosaur and return the pacifier to its rightful owner. Will and Owen agreed to still be friends.

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