Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Will: alive for half a year

That's right: Today Will is a six-pack of months old. And he is wigglier than ever. That's probably the newest thing since he was five months old - now he wiggles a lot more. We took him with us out to dinner last night and he wanted (and tried) to grab everything that was on the table. He has just enough body control to dive bomb things that he wants to put in his mouth so you have to keep both hands on him when holding him. Anyway, to celebrate Will's half birthday we're hosting a special feature on Will's page for the next few weeks: the top 15 Will pictures of all time. The plan was to do the top 10, but Erin and I couldn't eliminate any more of our favorites, so it's 15. We'll post a new one each day so stay tuned for the countdown to number 1.

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