Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Top 15 Will pics of all time: #1

And the winner is this picture. My personal all-time favorite, and the backdrop on my computer. This was shortly after the introduction of the Bumbo, before he got tired of it and stopped tolerating sitting in it. We took several pictures with Will in the Bumbo at the piano with me and this is by far the best one. He has a great little smile, plus this is also around the time when he discovered and constantly tried to suck on his toes, so while he's sitting with his dad, he's also working on a side project of getting his socks off.

Thanks everyone for checking in during the T15WPoAT countdown. If anyone wants full-resolution versions of any of these pictures (they are compressed and smaller so they don't take up as much webspace), send me an email. Same goes for any pictures on the
picasa site.

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