Monday, April 23, 2007

Our weekend

Here's what we did this weekend in the nice weather!

Friday: first we took a really good nap to get ready for all the excitement

Then we went for a walk around campus and checked out all the chicks (including mom).

On Saturday, Will and I went to play disc golf while mom went to work. Then we partied at Katrina's house on Saturday night at 'porkfest' (Katrina brought a bunch of pork products from her parents' hog farm). Dad played the role of grillmaster, Will held my beer.

Sunday was the nicest day so we went for a long walk outside and just hung out in the sun.

Will and I played a lot of music this weekend too. Besides playing his piano, Will played on the back porch in his 'stein while I practiced playing the guitar and he sang along with mom and I.

Then on Sunday night we went out to dinner and we were really tired when we got home so we decided to lay on the floor of the living room for awhile.

We took a bunch of pictures this weekend, these are just some of them. Check out the picasa site (April07 album) for a few more of them.

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