Thursday, March 29, 2007

playin' outside

Well the weather is finally starting to get nicer out so we're having a lot of fun playing outside with Will. Last weekend we did a benefit fun run for UM Children's Hospital with our friends Kate, Joe, and Regan (one of Will's many girlfriends). We didn't finish in last place! Then, a monumental event, Will went disc golfing with dad for the first time on Sunday. I don't think he had any idea what was going on but he seemed interested. It helped that I gave him his own little disc to suck on. We even took a walk to a park and went on the swings for awhile. I'm really looking forward to it being nice enough to go camping - we should be able to do some good hiking with the baby backpack. Then we'll have some great pictures to share I'm sure.

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Chris n' Brennie said...

Hey Will,
My Mommy and Daddy put a link to your page from our blog page! Score!

Your cousins,

Simon and Norah