Monday, April 30, 2007

The elusive sneer picture

You'll notice that there is no picture to accompany this post, sorry to get your hopes up. This is just a placeholder until I finally get the shot I'm seeking. This could also be a "teaser" for those of you who are coming to Iowa City for Will's baptism this coming weekend - maybe you'll get a chance to see this firsthand.

We spent the entire weekend outside landscaping and working around the house. I have the sunburn and various small injuries to prove it. Will spent all of his non-nap time outside and Erin, myself, and the 'Stein took turns entertaining him. Anyway, due to some combination of the warm weather with bright sun out, Will having a runny nose, and sitting in the grass, Will kept making the face - the sneer that I have on my face in many pictures - the left side of his lip curled up kind of like he's impersonating Elvis. I wasn't just seeing what I want to see either - it was definitely a sneer, and a pretty powerful one. I hadn't seen him do that before but he must have made that face at least 20 times when he was outside in the grass. The problem is, as soon as you catch him making that face, he sees you looking at him, and then he SMILES. So if either Erin or I saw him make the face, we'd try to get the other's attention, then he'd see us turn to look at him and the sneer would be gone. So, although a picture of him making this face would be priceless, it may be very difficult to catch with the camera.

Last night Erin and I were watching "the making of" the Planet Earth series on Discovery channel (by the way, if you haven't seen any of these hour long-specials, Sunday nights (unfortunately, during Homer), they are awesome, the best nature specials I've ever seen by far, and I'm a fan of those types of shows). The photographers were talking about how they'd spend a week following seal after seal off a reef in southern Australia, trying to get a shot of a great white shark breaching to eat one. That's exactly how I feel with this picture...

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