Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Wrap-Up

April has come to an end, surprisingly quickly, in my opinion. Here are the pics that never made it into a post this month but are worth sharing!
Pretty girl.
We stopped at the bike shop to pick up a new wheel for the
Chariot and the owner's dog immediately bonded with Hallie.
Or maybe she took possession of Hallie. It wasn't clear.
A quick wave on an early morning walk to the donut shop.
Checking out the first bluebonnets of the season.
Both kids claim to "need" 3D glasses to improve their vision.
Apparently they need 3D glasses to sleep as well.
Face in book.
Hallie spent most of the month washing other people's feet.
At Hallie's Pizza, Pie, and Parents luncheon.
Goofing around after the luncheon.
When I stick out my tongue my wrinkles are less pronounced.
Best out of six or seven tries. 
Working on our ponies' hair at Tae Kwon Do.
King (Queen? Princess?) of the Mountain.
Will, showing off his mad basketball skills for the students
in Tom's department at the department spring picnic.
This pic is actually from our summer vacation to Wisconsin,
but I just found it and thought it deserved a place on the blog.
It's a shame we never got to try Professor Tom's BBQ ribs.
You can tell from the position of his arms that he fell asleep
while reading with his chin propped up in his hands. It couldn't
 have felt good when he face-planted into his book...
Will's new orthodontia. 
She shed just a single tear when she lost at Uno.
Hallie wanted to make the bench "prettier".
Piano lessons with Daddy.
Reading with Grandpa.
Hanging with Daddy at the disc golf park.

Happy May Day!

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