Thursday, May 22, 2014


I'm playing catch-up a little this week…Tuesday's post went back to Hallie's birthday in April, and this post goes back a week earlier.

At the beginning of April, Tom and his friend Aaron took their boys - Will, and his friend, Logan - to a huge Motocross event in Houston. All four had wanted to go on a Motocross outing together for ages, so they were thrilled when the stars suddenly aligned and on the day of the event not a one of them had anything else scheduled. (Well, Tom said he should have been working, but he willingly made an exception this one time.)

Even though they're both in first grade and rarely nap anymore, both boys fell asleep on the way to Houston. I'm sure the men appreciated the quiet car ride and that having two well-rested boys made the very late night a little more bearable for everyone.

Once they arrived at the venue, the men and boys spent the afternoon checking out the Motocross "experience", meeting some of the racers (Tom bought Will a hat with the name and number of the guy below - don't ask me his name, because I have absolutely no idea what it is - on it), gathering Motocross swag, and eating and drinking loads of high quality concession stand refreshments.

Before the race, Will and Logan took a picture with the prize that would eventually be given to the winner. And also with a really big trophy.

I honestly can't tell you anything else about their outing, except that it was "AWESOME" and they can't wait to go again next year. That's just fine with me…I can't wait for another day spent with Hallie, painting our toes, baking brownies, and watching girly movies.

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