Thursday, May 8, 2014

Green Belt, Baby!

Will had to successfully complete two different graduations - first from Camo Recommended to Camo Decided eight weeks ago, and then from Camo Decided to Green Recommended last week - on route to earning his Tae Kwon Do green belt. 

This picture was taken before the first of the two graduations, which happened to be proceeded by a brief performance by the gym's demonstration team. As you can see from the expression on his face, Will found the performance mesmerizing…his jaw dropped and just hung there until the routine came to an end.

Will's instructors shared with us that he is a strong candidate for the demonstration team, but trying out and then participating would require us to spend a third night each week at Tae Kwon Do (and Will wouldn't be able to participate in a second sport, simply because there wouldn't be enough time during the week) and we're just not ready to do that yet.

As always, Will was well prepared for graduation and did a great job demonstrating his acquired skills.

The second of the two graduations took place at the end of May, and when the night was over my boy walked away with his green belt.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Hallie missed most of the graduation demonstrations and ceremony - after a very busy day playing with Grandpa, having lunch at school with Will, planting vegetables in the garden, and playing with Grandpa some more, she crashed just a few minutes in. At least sleeping kept her quiet…

As soon as we arrived home Will asked me to put his camo belt in his display case - it looks pretty good there, doesn't it?

Great job, buddy!

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