Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Eggstravaganza

As always, the Easter festivities began with a preschool Easter egg hunt. Hallie started the day off right in her bunny shirt and the clip on bunny ears she'd recently received in the mail from Aunt Sara, but by the time the egg hunt began she'd transitioned from the bunny ears to a (too big) bunny hat she'd made in class. The bunny hat made a lovely necklace.

On Good Friday Hallie and I made an AMAZING - if I do say so myself - homemade carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. Usually I would have decorated the cake with something carrot-themed, but my hands were pretty tired after decorating Hallie's My Little Pony cake and cupcakes the previous weekend and I opted for a simple sprinkled Easter egg instead. Will wanted his piece out of the middle of the cake.

We also dyed Easter eggs, and then turned those Easter eggs into a delicious egg salad. (The Easter Bunny hides fake eggs at our house, just in case he can't remember where he hid one and the kids can't find it and it slowly goes rotten under the couch cushions or in a closet or on top of a bookshelf.)

On Easter morning the kids enjoyed going through the goodies the Easter Bunny left them in their baskets and hunting for the eggs the Easter Bunny hid throughout the playroom.

After the Easter Bunny business concluded we dressed up and headed to church for a lovely celebration.

We came home for a yummy brunch (which disappointed the children, who wanted to go out for brunch or donuts), and then I took the kids to see Rio 2 while Tom spent a couple of hours at work. We finished off the day with a round of disc golf at the park and an epic family Uno tournament.

Happy Easter from the four Ferri! (And from Hallie's new bunny, Jeff.)

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