Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mama-Son Date Night

While Tom and Hallie attended the Daddy Daughter Dance, Will and I went out on a Mama Son date night. Our original plan was to play a round of indoor, black-light miniature golf and then go see The Lego Movie, but because the weather that night was awful (which makes traffic here doubly awful) and we got a later start than we would have liked, we decided to replace miniature golf with arcade games at the movie theater before seeing the movie.

That evening may have been the first time I'd ever given Will the freedom to play whichever arcade games he wanted, for as long as he wanted. I kept the quarters coming, and he couldn't believe his luck. Until he tried Pac-Man, that is…he quickly discovered that Pac-Man wasn't his game, and that his mama - like most people who grew up in the 1980's - rocked at Pac-Man. It was a tough pill to swallow.

I love spending time with Will and Hallie individually. To listen to each of them talk about their likes and dislikes without the other interrupting. To hold just one hand as we walk stroll down the sidewalk. To give my undivided attention to just one smiling face.

I know Will won't always enjoy outings with his mom as much as he does now, but I feel hopeful that as long as I keep the quarters coming, he'll let me hang out with him in the arcade watch him play arcade games at the movie theater.

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