Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Visit to the Rain Forest

Hallie's preschool class has been studying the rain forest during the month of March, and last week the unit culminated with a rain forest hunt. Hallie and her classmates decided to wear camouflage on their hunt, which proved challenging for Hallie since she doesn't like to wear dark green and/or brown. We finally settled on a shirt of Will's with binoculars on it (perfect for hunting in the rain forest) and a blue and purple camouflage bandana on her head. She looked like she belonged in Fiddler on the Roof much more so than she looked like she belonged in a rain forest.

The school gave everyone a rain forest hunt hat, which greatly improved Hallie's hunting look.

After school we hung the majority of her rain forest art on and around the trees in her bedroom so that it looked "just like a real rain forest". If rain forests were home to trees with bright green and blue trunks and pretty little pink and yellow flowers decorating their branches...

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