Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Back in February, Tom took Hallie to our local children's museum's annual Daddy Daughter Dance fundraiser. Her excitement in the days leading up to the event reached levels seen previously only on birthdays and Christmas mornings, and once it was time for "hair and make-up" she nearly exploded.

At the dance, Tom and Hallie made flower corsages out of felt; colored children's museum tee-shirts; made Valentine's Day cards for moms; dined on chicken nuggets, french fries, and cupcakes; and DANCED.
The newspaper photographer on hand must have really enjoyed Tom and Hallie's dancing (anyone who's ever attended a wedding with our family knows that these two aren't exactly shy on the dance floor), because the following morning they graced the cover of the newspaper's regional section.

Is it weird that I want to whisper in Hallie's ear, "point your toes!"? Perhaps I've been watching a few too many dance classes.

A month later, Hallie still talks about her date with Daddy to the Daddy Daughter Dance as one of the best nights of her life. I hope she always feels that way about spending time with her daddy.

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